If products ever arrive damaged or get lost in the mail, we send out a replacement order 100% free!  We issue an in store credit for the full item price as well as the shipping fee. You can order a replacement right away, or save it for the next time you order.  

If you want to return or exchange a product, we are also willing to help!  We NEVER want your money to be wasted.

For WHATEVER reason, we will happily issue up to $50 annually of in-store credit refunds per customer.  If you do not like a product, we want you to be able to try another instead.   If you forgot to put in a coupon, we can also use this $50 max annually to help!  Just shoot us a message 🙂   *Cash Refunds ARE NOT GIVEN for products. 

We also offer UNLIMITED exchanges.  Just send us your product back, and as soon as you send us the tracking number, we will issue you your store credit. 

Thank you for shopping BrowTricks 🙂