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Free Mini Pixelshading Course included.


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A revolutionary type of blade, the Pixel Shading Blade allows an artist to embed pigment without slicing or cutting the client’s skin.

Using this patent-pending blade allows for the creating of “Pixelshading” that mimics the look of shading similar to that of micro-shading techniques without over damage to the skin.

#Pins: 14, 15, or 16

Blade Shape: High-Low  Single Row Pixelblade, Double Row Pixelblade, or Triple Row Pixelblade

Blade Thickness: .25mm, or .3mm

Type: Lot # & expiration date on each package.

* Each blade is individually packaged & sterilized.

27 reviews for ShadeME Pixel Shaders

  1. Mandy Dormaier, Two Daisies Brow Bar (verified owner)

    I love this pixel shader!! It’s great when shading between strokes because it can get right in between without actually going over the strokes themselves. I have also used this doing the Brow Tricks pixel shader technique where you use only this to do the whole brow to give a soft shaded affect but the look of the microblading pattern! I highly recommend adding this to your tool arsenal!

  2. Maria Jessica DeNovellis (verified owner)

    This blade has completely changed my microblading career. I can now utilize Carissa’s pixel stroke technique to give all of my clients the look they want! Some clients are not eligible for microblading, but are candidates for pixel shading and now they can still get the hair stroke look thanks to carissa and her technique/products.
    Definitely recommend the blade as well as utilizing her tutorials

  3. Laura Smith (verified owner)

    I love love love these blades! I absolutely adore how easybthey are to use and the soft powdery look they gives not only your shading but also your “hair strokes”.

  4. Kelly (verified owner)

    I looooove these pixel blades! I don’t think I will ever go back to regular blades again!

  5. Josephyne (verified owner)

    These blades changed my manual shading game!! I love the pixels they leave almost as if I got machine certified!! So crazy!!

  6. Shan Fennelly (verified owner)

    This is a MUST HAVE in your kit, I prefer this over machine shading. So happy with the results.

  7. Heidi (verified owner)

    These blades are game changer! They cause less trauma to the skin but still give you the hair strokes look. You can also get free access to the training videos with the order. 5 star!

  8. Suzy (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other shading blades and this is hands down the easiest with the best deposit of pigment. My client barely felt a thing! I used the shader to seamlessly blend in her natural hairs with the microblading. Will be using this allot more!

  9. Rachael Bosen

    I love these blades! I love how you can create hair strokes and shading at the same time by just tapping. Awesome product.

  10. Tiffany (verified owner)

    I feel so confident while using this blade. I have yet to have an unhappy client since I’ve switched! I can shade in between strokes or shade a whole brow!

  11. Erika Rogers (verified owner)

    Love these!!! So much less trauma to the skin. The pixel look is awesome

  12. dawn barlow (verified owner)

    I couldn’t work with out these blades, have made implanting pigment so easy

  13. Jazlyn Cisneros (verified owner)

    I use this whenever I want to shade through my clients microblading I always use brow tricks needles for all my services

  14. Tyler Loesch (verified owner)

    In love it’s a game changer and heals so well

  15. Tami (verified owner)

    I love the ease of using this shader! Pixel shading is so natural looking and dimensional! I haven’t tried anything fringe brow tricks that I haven’t loved!

  16. Melinda wheeler (verified owner)

    Y’all really need to try these! These blades are a game changer. Implants pigment so fast and so easy to work with. ❤️

  17. mamabaer24.7 (verified owner)

    The new triple row shaders are SO nice! I used them on an eyelash enhancement and talk about making my job easier…client wanted a little thicker and soft edged and that is exactly what these triple row shaders delivered. I barely had to do a second pass, just a touch here and there. MAGIC ????

  18. Theresa Butler (verified owner)

    Can’t rave about these enough! Its so awesome these tools exist to assist beginners who don’t feel comfortable with Microblading or machine shading. I first fell in love when I had my anxiety with outlining with machine… I started using the single row for the outline and my confidence when straight up! I highly recommend to everyone.

  19. divineproportiontattoo (verified owner)

    Love these blades! My absolute fav method for adding shading to a brow, So great for ombre’s!!! Be sure to take all 3 of Carissa’s pixel courses.

  20. tunyloy (verified owner)

    I am trained in microblading and machine strokes. I find pixelshading easy and quick yet good result.

  21. Misty Williams (verified owner)

    These blades are a game changer. I keep a stock of the single and double row and just ordered the triple row. I have given up using a machine. I can get the same ombre look with better retention and without the crazy scabbing.

  22. Samantha Bettaney

    So in love with the single row ShadeMe!! I’m a little light handed so the single shader is much better for me.
    Once I swapped over from using a machine I never returned! 😊😊

  23. erickapasswaters (verified owner)

    Absolute GAME CHANGER! I use all three and it’s great to have options to use depending on how intense or soft your client wants the shading and outline!

  24. Whitney Dressler (verified owner)

    How fast can you pack in pigment for a powder brow? Use the Triple Row shader and you’ll find out! Carissa’s method is so easy to follow and gives my clients beautiful healed results!

  25. roxyportrait (verified owner)

    Simply the best! This is a game changer for shading. The shape allows for much more precision than other shaders

  26. Temre Morgan (verified owner)

    These are a MUST HAVE I actually do most all my brows with via Pixel blade & shade now. I wish I could upload a picture of a doctor I did that had deep scars going through her brows from a car accident & these blade’s implanted the pigment so nicely as if it was normal skin tissue, unlike a machine would. I’m soooo in love with these… Thank You Carissa 💞

  27. Carol Spears (verified owner)

    I used the original pixel shader for the first time (I usually use double row) and fell in love! It worked awesome and had to place an order for a few boxes! Great shading tool especially for thinner brows…fits perfect between strokes!

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