PixelME Pixelblading Blades

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Nano Pixelblading Blades

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Blade Shape:  High Low

Blade Type: FLAT or CURVE

Blade Thickness .2mm

Pixel Blade 25 pcs

FREE Mini-Pixelblading Course with purchase!


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A revolutionary type of blade, the Nano Pixel Blade allows an artist to embed pigment without slicing or cutting the client’s skin.

This blade features two lengths of blades that allow the artist to tap pigment into skin allowing for a pixelated appearance. The shorter blade length acts as a type of barrier to help prevent blade from puncturing too deeply into the client’s skin.

Using this patent-pending blade allows for the creating of “pixel strokes” that mimic the look of natural hair strokes similar to that of microblading techniques without over damage to the skin.

Receive free access to the Pixelblading course with purchase of blades.

#Pins  14

Blade Shape:  High Low Pixel Blades

Blade Type: FLAT or CURVE

Each blade is individually packaged & sterilized with Lot # & expiration date

18 reviews for PixelME Pixelblading Blades

  1. Silvia Echeverria (verified owner)

    Two words.
    Life changing!!!! Take the class and purchase these!!!!

  2. Felisha Seamon (verified owner)

    I am in Love.. I absolutely love the soft pixelated strokes the nano pixel blade gives my clients brows. I have been looking for a softer look, I found it. Thanks Carissa Crain! You did it again..

  3. Mandy Dormaier

    After discovering, using and falling in love with the Shade Me pixel shader, when Brow Tricks launched the nano pixel blade, I was so excited! I was Already using the shade me pixel to create hair strokes but with the nano, they are so crisp! Love this tool and can’t wait for the curved ones to get here!!
    The attached pic I used the nano pixel me blade for the hair strokes and the original shades me pixel blade for the shading ????

  4. Carol Spears (verified owner)

    Definitely exactly what I needed!

  5. Catherine Mai-An

    I love these blades so much. They are soooo easy to use and look absolutely amazing. I love how small they are. The precision is seriously the best. It doesn’t matter how small or large you need to make the strokes, it just glides. I use these for every single one of my clients. Highly recommend!!

  6. Erika Rogers (verified owner)

    Love these blades for crisp lines.

  7. Adriana Loaiza (verified owner)

    My go to blade for pixel blading, eyeliner , and microshading in between strokes to create flow!

  8. Claire Clarkson-Kearsley

    I think its safe to say, these pixel blades, are a game changer, life changer even! I may genuinely have given up on my brow career by now had I not found Carissa and her passion for not just pmu/brows but for all of us too! Ill be eternally grateful that these have been developed and so selflessly demonstrated and taught to us continuously. From shade me pixel to nano pixel these will be my go to for every client now taking out the worry of non suitable clients and poor retention with standard microblading blades.

  9. thelookbyjulia

    My favorite blades of all time ❤❤❤

  10. Brittany Burr (verified owner)

    My favorite blade hands down!! I will never microblade again. I can create such crisp strokes without cutting and actually be able to predict how my client will heal. Most report little to no flaking while healing and little to no discomfort during procedure. My favorite technique so far!!

  11. divineproportiontattoo

    Once you learn Carissa’s Pixel Blades method you will never want to microblade again! Take the master course and get the blades, you wont regret it!

  12. tunyloy

    I find it easier than microblading. Healed results are so good, too.

  13. ctroutt95

    Love these.

  14. Samantha Bettaney

    Love the PixelMe curve! I have stopped microblading but just love doing the head strokes with this needle, tapping the strokes in.
    Through practice it’s becoming easier and I’m loving the results!! 😊😊

  15. Laura Smith CPCP

    Started offering pixel blading way back when Carissa announced the release of her first blades and haven’t looked back. In fact while I still technically offer microblading I talk my clients in to pixelblading an or pixelshading 99.9% of the time.

  16. Whitney Dressler (verified owner)

    These were a game changer for me, to be able to offer a textured brow to more clients! Take the course and learn how to do pixelblading, you won’t regret it!!

  17. roxyportrait (verified owner)

    So happy I can give my clients with oily skintypes the textured look of microblading and long lasting results! Pixelblading is a gamechanger!

  18. riley.schwarz6 (verified owner)

    Seriously the BEST blades! I use them to outline and they are a EVERYTHING!!

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