Pixelblading & Pixelshading Masterclass

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Everything you need to begin Pixelblading & Pixelshading!
$25.99 PixelME Curve Blade box (25 blades)
$25.99 ShadeME Triple Row Shader Blade box (25 blades)
$ 9.99 5 blade handles
$ 6.99 2 Brow Tricks Inkless Latex pieces
$ 5.00  5 blade Pixelblade sampler pack

Total = over $75 in products

Pixelblading & Pixelshading Masterclass

This course will give you all the basics you need to know to QUICKLY and EASILY add both Pixelshading & Pixelblading to your service menu.  You will submit 2 models and latex work, receive 1 on 1 feedback, AND a Pixelblading & Pixelshading Certification.

What is Pixelblading?

Use our patent-pending blades to create “pixel strokes” that mimic the look of microblading without the unnecessary damage to the skin.  The pigment is TAPPED in, instead of sliced!  Because of this, Pixelblading is suitable for many skin types microblading is not, including:  oily, large pores, mature skin.

Pixelblading is done with a  revolutionary type of blade: the Nano Pixel Blade.  Pixelblades deposit pigment without slicing or cutting the client’s skin.  This blade features two lengths of blades that allow the artist to TAP pigment into skin using tinsy pixel dots.  The shorter blade length acts as a type of barrier to help prevent blade from puncturing too deeply into the client’s skin.  This “training wheel” set of teeth is what allows hairstrokes to stay in the upper level of the skin, and therefore heal crisply instead of blurring as most other types of strokes do.

What is Pixelshading?

Pixelshading is done with my revolutionary Pixelblades.  There are two types: Single Row and the Double Row shaders.  Both Pixel blades offer SPACED ultra sharp needles.  These give soft, airy, pixelated shading.  Because each pixel dot is so pigmented, you do NOT have to cover the entire brow in puncture wounds!  By spacing the highly pigmented dots, you can create shaded brows with much less trauma and MORE texture!


This should be used as a continuing education course ONLY

7 reviews for Pixelblading & Pixelshading Masterclass

  1. Cheresse Hadley

    I am so tempted to take this course!! Lol I check the website everyday to make sure it’s still up- I love the reviews I read on Facebook, it’s such a beautiful technique!! I really hope to take it soon.

  2. thelookbyjulia

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED the course. I can’t thank you enough ????????????

    • leslienevarez21

      Is this online? I’m interested in the course and kit.

      • Admin

        Hello! Yes it is fully online 🙂
        You have up to 1 year to rewind and watch all of the content again!
        Let us know if you have any additional questions.

  3. Jessie Ellwood (verified owner)

    This is a new technique created by Carissa using her Pixelblades she sells on this website. It is a manual method for creating brows that is less traumatic than traditional microblading. The course has a TON of information and it is a great service to add to your menu for clients with thin skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, etc. Definitely worth checking out!

  4. ronibatman72 (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with pixelblading & Pixelshading! This , to be honest, if completely fool proof. A lot of training we get isn’t always the best and we spend thousands of dollars on them. This training is priced amazingly well and the knowledge you get is worth it all! I highly suggest this course to all artists!

  5. Lisa Anderson (verified owner)

    This course is a game changer! After completing and spreading the word, I have increased business significantly and cut my procedure time. I’m seeing great retention and this class is very clear and easy to understand. Definitely recommend

  6. erickapasswaters (verified owner)

    I loved how in-depth with detail this course is. Her explanations and science behind why this is a revolutionary technique truly makes me passionate about educating clients as well!

  7. marie buchanan (verified owner)

    I was not as impressed with this course as I have been some of her others. Maybe it’s because I paid $80 so I had high expectations. For the price I did not think it ran smoothly or was very professional. Some of the videos were repeated in different sections, but it was the same video. At one point the camera was bumped or dropped and it wasn’t edited out or re-recorded. In the latex video she says when shading not to prick just horizontally up and down through the whole eyebrow, but to shade in different directions with the hair strokes, but then in one of the live model shading videos she does not follow the hair and pricks horizontally through the entire brow. In opening there were not clear points made on WHY you should choose pixelblading over microblading, besides oily skin. I was able to get better answers for that question from the facebook group. The facebook group is GOLD with these courses though. You can find a lot of info and ask questions in there. WITH that being said though I was disappointed to find that I paid good $ for this class, but then when you look under Guides in the facebook group basically the same training videos and info are posted right there for free.

    • Admin

      Hi Marie! Thanks for the feedback! Few questions: Do you know which video the bumped camera was in? Sorry I don’t know how we missed that!!
      Also I looked up on your account and I think you actually only paid $15 for the course itself! Because for $80 you got the $65 kit as well.

      But that being said, we would be happy to credit you back the $15. It is important to us for our customers to be satisfied with our products and courses 🙂
      Please message us at

      We also just finished a video better showing the directional shading on latex. It has to be voiced-over and then it will be up! I will also try to add a video to the FAQ going more in depth with the benefits of Pixelblading. But essentially, it is the blade with the training wheel teeth that allow the strokes to heal crisply. And Microblading can only be done on certain skin types. So this service opens the door for a hairstroke look for those that are NOT microblading candidates.

      The videos in the group and the mini Pixelblading & Pixelshading courses are just SOME of the Masterclass, but not all of it. So if you enroll in the Masterclass there will be some repeated videos.

      Lastly- we launched our VIP membership and it basically makes all of our courses INSANELY cheap!! So definitely don’t pay full price for any of our courses! Click COURSES on the bottom of a mobile device to sign up. http://www.browtricksproducts/courses-shop/

      Thanks again for the feedback!

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