Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool

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Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool

The Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool makes brow mapping a dream, easily finds your clients’ brow bone to create symmetrical brows easily. Take your brow mapping to the next level by adding this tool to your tool kit.

You are also auto enrolled in a  Free mapping course on how to use the Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool!

The mapping course goes into detail on 9 different client examples of how to use this tool to create a perfect map, every time.

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11 reviews for Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool

  1. Zoe Williams (verified owner)

    This mapping tool is amazing! I was taught the string method and was taking anything from 15mins -45mins. Since using this im mapping in 10mins max! And they are perfectly symmetrical.

  2. Melinda Wheeler (verified owner)

    Bought this handy tool a while ago. Makes things easier when mapping for sure. Watch the how to video and you’ll get it in no time. Love it..

  3. Halee Kalevitch

    I do not know how I lived without this!!!!

  4. melissa maine

    This is the best mapping tool ever thank you ????

  5. Misty Williams (verified owner)

    Has reduced my mapping time from 20-30min to 10min max!

  6. Anna Whisnant (verified owner)

    A must have for mapping! I can now map in under 10 minutes! A complete game changer!

  7. ctroutt95 (verified owner)

    Great tool. I struggle with my mapping and this has helped me

  8. sarah.e.hutt (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this tool for mapping, as well as the video tutorial on it!! Saves so much time

  9. toygbeauty (verified owner)

    LOVE IT! I just ordered the new version of this also. No mess from inked string.

  10. neishasskincare (verified owner)

    I’m pretty good with mapping, but this device was handy and easy to use. I really liked it. The videos were also great too.

  11. Kymberlee’s (verified owner)

    As a new trainer, this is a must-have for my student kits. Mapping can be one of the most challenging parts of a brow procedure, I find that due to the asymmetry of some clients, they do not work for everyone, but they work for most, and even when they aren’t the ideal tool, they are still a great tool for a quick check of overall size and position.

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