NumbMe Pre-Numbing 10g


NumbMe Pre-Numb 10G

1 box


A house favorite, Numb Me is an all-in-one anesthetic numbing cream works in as little as 20 minutes. There is no need for secondary numbing, but can be paired with Keep me Numb for your ultimate numbing experience. Remember, a painless experience for your clients results in referrals for you

For Best Results: apply a thin layer of Numb Me to skin and occlude area for 20 mins. Use light pressure with application.  For a deeper numb, prick skin lightly prior to application. Reapply as needed for 1 to 3 minutes.  

Upon receiving in the mail keep store in the fridge.  Product life is average 6 months before opening.

Product arrives brite white and thick and over time before opening it turns a tanish color and becomes creamier. When bright white it is thicker and needs more pressure when applying.  When tan/light orange it is creamy so it is easier to apply

Once open product life average is 30 days and it does oxidize and turns brown.  The product is no longer usable at this point.

Active Ingredients: Lidocaine 5%, Tetracaine 4%, Benzocaine 3%, Epinephrine 1%. 

Inactive Ingredients: 

*This product is not recommended for PMU around eyes due to the active ingredient benzocaine

Please ensure to check with your country/state guidelines whether this product and its ingredients are legal in your region

Weight 0.6 Oz

Numbing Instructional:

NumbMe SDS

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Weight .6 oz

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