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NumbMe Pre-Numb 10G or 30G

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A house favorite, Numb Me is an all-in-one anesthetic numbing cream works in as little as 20 minutes. There is no need for secondary numbing, but can be paired with Re-Numb for your ultimate numbing experience. Remember, a painless experience for your clients results in referrals for you.

For Best Results: apply a thin layer of Numb Me to skin and occlude area for 20 mins. Use light pressure with application.  For a deeper numb, prick skin lightly prior to application. Reapply as needed for 1 to 3 minutes.  

Upon receiving in the mail keep store in the fridge if you do not plan to use it within 30 day.  Product life is average 6 months before opening. Once open product life average is 30 days and it does oxidize and turns brown.  The product is no longer usable at this point.

Active Ingredients: Lidocaine 5%, Tetracaine 4%, Benzocaine 3%, Epinephrine 1%. 

Inactive Ingredients: 

*This product is not recommended for PMU around eyes due to the active ingredient benzocaine

Please ensure to check with your country/state guidelines whether this product and its ingredients are legal in your region

Size: 10g or 30g

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Weight .6 oz

10 G, 30 G

18 reviews for NumbMe Pre-Numbing

  1. Lisa L.

    I used this on lips yesterday – it is amazing! She was numb enough that I didn’t have to apply a secondary numbing!
    I’ve also used it on brows and again – amazing!

  2. Johanna

    Omg I love this numbing cream. I didn’t have to use a second numbing cream. Used 3 of my clients and none felt pain.

  3. Crystal C.

    This works great! Clients are numb in about 15 minutes!

  4. Maria Jessica DeNovellis

    I love numb me! This works so well, and not to mention is a great price. You really cannot beat it when you compare to other numbing agents on the market ? my clients never feel a thing! I have even had a few try to go to sleep during the procedure lol. it’s worth a try if you are looking for another numbing agent to use!

  5. Tiffany McPheeters (verified owner)

    Love love love Numb Me. I can have my clients numb in 15 minutes and they don’t feel a thing! The extra bonus is the price is amazing!

  6. Claudine Ehlers

    Love how completely and quickly I can get my clients numb with Numb Me!! It’s amazing!

  7. S (verified owner)

    I had previously used another numbing cream from Europe and it doesn’t work anywhere as good as this one. I tested this on a client for her fibroblast appointment (ie malar and under eye regions) and she was comfortable the entire time. I did not need to use a secondary numbing agent! I also used this as my pre-numbing agent on one of my microblading appointments and my client was comfortable the entire time. I will definitely be purchasing more!

  8. Sasha Tunstall (verified owner)

    This numbing cream has been the best! My clients say they can’t feel a thing when I use it. My search is over, I have found my staple pre numb!

  9. Melinda wheeler (verified owner)

    This is seriously the only primary I use for brows. This stuff works super fast and you literally fell nothing. I’ve used it on myself several times. This right here is the bomb!

  10. Patsy Johnson (verified owner)

    I am ecstatic that I have finally found a numbing product that actually works and lasts! Just exfoliate, or prick, the skin and apply. It has even lasted the whole appointment on most of my clients! I will not use anything else from now on.

  11. Cindy muhic (verified owner)

    Love how comfortable my clients are for every procedure. Thanks to Numb Me they don’t feel pain and most of them even fall asleep…Love it?

  12. Jenna M

    I recently purchased this product and on a few clients, did a comparison of the one I had been using on one brow and this on the other. Even with the other numbing cream on the brow longer than Numbme, Numbme worked better at numbing the client in a shorter time!
    Definitely sold on this numbing product!!

  13. Amanda

    Used this for the first time the other day and my client didnt feel a thing! The price is great and it works!!!

  14. Temre Morgan

    I tried this on brows and lip liner on a client who couldn’t stand having her lip blush done (by someone else) because it hurt so bad. She was so amazed & happy that she didn’t feel anything while I was doing her liner, I thought she was gonna cry. LoL so now I’m going to try the secondary “stay numb” as well ?

  15. Rachel (verified owner)

    This has been the best numbing I’ve used in most cases I only have to wait about ten minute and I can start working

  16. Amy (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! So much better than Zensa. Most of my clients don’t feel a thing with Numb Me.

  17. Mia (verified owner)

    Works great, none of my clients complain of pain and the price point is awesome compared to other brands.

  18. May Lee

    I tried several numbing creams. This is my favorite to use on clients. Following Carissa instructions for numbing this product works !

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