Miracle Marker – Ultra Thin

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Miracle Marker – Fine Point Tip

This marker is long-lasting on the skin to prevent loss of your brow outline during your PMU procedure.

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Miracle Marker – Ultra Thin Tip

Map Lock must be used with Miracle Marker for it to stay on for more than one pass

Our bestselling Miracle Marker now in an ultra-thin tip.

These are a BIT harder to get the ink to flow- patience is necessary!

We at BrowTricks has created the Miracle Marker. This marker is long-lasting on the skin to prevent loss of your brow outline during your PMU procedure. Unlike surgical markers, Miracle Marker will not stain skin.

Never lose your outline again.

Weight: N/A

QTY: 1 Pack, 3 Pack


Miracle Marker Speed Tutorial:

  1. cleanse the skin with alcohol
  2. numb BEFORE or use with MapLock
  3.  Mix the ink by shaking for about 10- 20 second
  4. Firmly pump the tip onto the cap ALL the way down 5 times, then try to draw.  If still not flowing, Slowly pump 5 more times.  Keep doing this until the ink is flowing.  Re-pump as needed.

Think of the tip as a paint brush, and the tube as the paint can.  There is a membrane that keeps the two separated.  You MUST pump the tip to pull the ink down into the “paint brush” or it will not write.  People tell me sometimes they “dried out”.  They ALWAYS come dry. You must re-wet the paint brush each use 😉

ps- if you pump until this is a puddle, it is over pumped.


  1. In depth Product Instructional:  And PROOF of how it works throughout a procedure!  And Tips to make it last even longer.

I have had it last completely crisply through 4+ passes!
All you have to do is use extra water while wiping, so you are not scrubbing.
It truly lasts better than anything else you’ve ever used!

*It must be used AFTER numbing.

Sanitary Use instructions:
Miracle Marker is to be used on CLOSED skin only! The tip is NOT felt like most markers, but instead plastic. The reason you have to pump the tip of the pen to get the ink flowing is because there is a vacuum chamber that exudates the ink.

Just as there are backflow chambers in tattoo guns heads to keep the inside of machine sanitary, this prevents backflow of the ink.

After use, exudate out additional ink (like shaving off your china marker between clients) then dip the tip of it into marvicide to assure any skin bacteria is not transferred client to client.

Miracle Marker SDS

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Weight N/A

1 Pack, 3 Pack

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  1. Theresa Butler

    Can’t believe I’m the 1st one to actually even leave a review on this miracle marker knowing that so many people use this and rave about it!! Every good artist has this in their studio

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