Miracle Marker Mapping Pen

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Miracle Marker White Mapping Pen.

This marker is long-lasting on the skin to prevent loss of your brow outline during your PMU procedure.

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Miracle Marker White Mapping Pen – Stays through numbing!

**Need your outline to stay for as long as possible?  Use Miracle Marker with our Maplock Sealer for the best possible staying power!   

We at BrowTricks have created the Miracle Marker. This marker is long-lasting on the skin to prevent loss of your brow outline during your PMU procedure. Unlike surgical markers, Miracle Marker will not stain skin.

Never lose your outline again.

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QTY 1 Pen

  1. Cleanse the skin with alcohol
  2. Numb BEFORE or use with MapLock
  3.  Mix the ink by shaking for about 10- 20 second
  4. Firmly pump the tip onto the cap ALL the way down 5 times, then try to draw.  If still not flowing, Slowly pump 3 more times.  Re-pump as needed.

Think of the tip as a paint brush, and the tube as the paint can.  There is a membrane that keeps the two separated.  You MUST pump the tip to pull the ink down into the “paint brush” or it will not write.  People tell me sometimes they “dried out”.  They ALWAYS come dry. You must re-wet the paint brush each use 😉

ps- if you pump until this is a puddle, it is over pumped.


If used after numbing, Miracle Maker can last completely through multiple passes! But for the best staying power, use with SealME Maplock Sealer, in my outline kit.

Sanitary Use instructions:
Miracle Marker is to be used on CLOSED skin only! The tip is NOT felt like most markers, but instead plastic. The reason you have to pump the tip of the pen to get the ink flowing is because there is a vacuum chamber that exudates the ink.

Just as there are backflow chambers in tattoo guns heads to keep the inside of machine sanitary, this prevents backflow of the ink.

After use, exudate out additional ink (like shaving off your china marker between clients) then dip the tip of it into marvicide to assure any skin bacteria is not transferred client to client.

Miracle Marker SDS

24 reviews for Miracle Marker Mapping Pen

  1. Thiana

    Hi there,
    I was a bit sceptical at first, as I have tried literally everything possible for brow mapping.

    First I ordered the Brow lock…mind blowing…ordered another one.
    Then came the marker, I used it for the 1st time yesterday, with out the brow lock- to test it- and it passed with flying colors. I hav e never used anything like this before. It stayed on till the end of my procedure. I actually had to use a wet wipe to remove the last bits. Client was laughing and saying she is going to walk out eith white brows?
    So thank you. This product ROCKS!!!!

    I shall order my next pen shortly, and another thing, I need to mention Im in South Africa and I did not wait longer than a week for my order, now that was impressive. Thank you?

    So if you want the BEST Mapping Tool EVER, order this marker NOW, before I take it all for myself.?

    Tske care and thanks for all the help and advise on Facebook.


  2. Maria Jessica DeNovellis

    If you’re on the fence about buying this, let me just help you out by saying… DO IT. It will be the best $8 you ever spend. It’s literally the same price as other markers/pens on the market that don’t work, but this one does! So that’s a huge bonus haha. This marker along with the brow lock is insane. Works SO well. I will continue to keep a miracle marker stocked with my supplies at all time (and a backup for when that one runs out ?)

  3. Tara Bergen

    If I could give this rating 10 stars I would! This is the best marker in the industry! Truly STAYS!!! I have used over a dozen markers and nothing compares.

  4. Veronica avila (verified owner)

    Received this marker today, I’m new to microblading and I really needed something that will stay and this marker just does exactly what it’s suppose to do! Love it! I will definitely be ordering more!!!!

  5. Melinda Wheeler

    Oh my goodness! This stuff stays put over multiple passes. Way better than the sharpies I’ve been using for mapping. This is a must have!!! Thanks for such an awesome product. Will be ordering more!!

  6. Artavia Simpson (verified owner)

    I found Carissa on a fb group shortly after getting certified in microblading. She saved my ass with some reallllly useful tips so at that point she could sell me water and I’d still support her.

    My biggest issue while doing outlines was losing my lines as a beginner because I don’t shade deep enough. So if I were using the black pencil liner i was trained with, all of my mapping work would be gone. After getting the brow mapping pen it made everything so much easier. I did a test brow on my hand the night I got it, washed my hands and it was still partially there until the day after. So if you’re looking for something long lasting that does exactly what it’s supposed to, this is 100% it!!!

    I now use this pen along with the brow lock for every brow I do. It has helped me cut my service time down & feel more confident in my services!

    Tip I will say, make sure you use the brow lock after you line before you do anything else! Let it dry & continue with numbing.

  7. Wendy Dinsdale

    My order arrived within a week in the UK (impressive). I was very touched to see that I got so many thank you goodies to go along with my order, thank you for that. I will try them out soon and revert but for now, I’d like to praise the Miracle marker I used today. Wow !!! it does exactly what it says on the box without a doubt. It held in there right till the end of my procedure and had to use a wet-wipe to get the last bits off. It’s easy to use, and I’m thrilled that eventually there is something like this on the market. You should feel proud BrowTricks!!!!
    I’ll be using the numb me cream soon, so hold the line caller….

  8. Jenna

    This marker really is a miracle, it lasted through the first pass of microblading. And when I tried with the brow lock, I was shocked at how long it lasted! Definitely a must try!!

    • Frida Ben-Hanan

      Love this marker. In conjunction with the brow lock, it is a true miracle ??????

  9. Cindy muhic (verified owner)

    Love the white marker. I don’t stress with mapping knowing I won’t loose my outline once I wipe off the numbing cream?

  10. Mildred Paderewski (verified owner)

    This product is amazing!!!! Works super well on my clients and stays on through a few passes. Super helpful, thank you for making it!

  11. Temre

    I ordered Magic Marker myself but took it to the PMU school to demonstrate for my teacher and she LOVED it. I prepped her hand (very important) & marked it & told her to do her normal daily routines, dishes, showers, washing hands etc. to see how long it stayed & she was amazed it was still there the next day at school she’s like these are a game changer. She bought one of mine off me & will be buying more for herself LoL ??

  12. Sandra Medina

    This marker is the best of the best. I’ve try pretty much everything there is in the market from china pencils to sharpies and nothing compares to this. You can do your first pass comfortably knowing your outline will be there when you’re done, I numb over this and remove the numbing with a wooden tongue stick and it stays intact, it is easy to remove when you don’t want it there. I use water wipes to cleanse and it comes off easy. Iuse the thick miracle marker and everyone should too

  13. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I’ve struggled with the black China pencil and I finally decided to purchase the miracle marker after finding brow tricks on YouTube . Literally came on the website to make another purchase ????

  14. Anna Garcia

    very easy to use and make your outline

  15. Harmonie Carroll (verified owner)

    It’s funny because I read the last girl’s review and I was feeling the same way! I was skeptical about purchasing because I have tried lots of different white mapping pens and they all smudge after awhile. This pen barely even smears, I actually had quite a time trying to remove it. I love love love my pen! best purchase and it makes my mapping so easy! Will definitely be purchasing again.

  16. Rebecca

    I love using these after I’ve mapped with the China pencil. (For me, the pencil gives me a thinner, smoother line. The ink on these tend to clump up and dry out, making it bulky.) however, After I’ve mapped, I go over my line and it stays on much better and allows me to see my outline through the first couple passes!

  17. Kahori Lattimore

    I have not encountered a company like this one before. Such a supportive system and their product is are evolutional. I have received this pen in skin color for an sample and can’t wait to use it. Thank you for tour passion, and I’d like to continue supporting 😉

  18. Carol Spears

    Definitely a phenomenal product! Best outlining marker I’ve used!

  19. Fresh Faced Beauty

    This is my holy grail product. Never second guess your mapping again. Life saver!!!

  20. Maritza Gutierrez (verified owner)

    THE HOLY GRAIL!!!! I hated using surgical markers when I first started PMU thankfully I found this product at the beginning of my career and have used it ever since!!!!! Keeps the outline until I’m ready to wipe it away

  21. sevenfeathersinc

    The miracle marker used in conjunction with map lock is perfect! Life saver for sure!

  22. Jessie Ellwood

    I love these markers! I have the white and the nude colors. They stay put on the skin with the map lock mapping product, and allow you to see a sharp outline while you work on clients! They are non-toxic and safe for use on the skin so your clients will be safe during the service. Also, you can use this along with the china marker or the mapping string for a perfect brow map!

  23. kellylt (verified owner)

    So I’ve had afew of these and it’s been hit and miss with them. When they work they are great, kind of remind me of tipex. However I find mine dried out very fast not sure if I did something wrong.
    Maybe I’ll purchase again and retry them. They help the mapping stay in place and can hold its place for quite afew passes.

  24. toygbeauty (verified owner)

    Love the replaceable tips. Sanitary. Another great product.

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