Microblading Course Bundle


Instructional Videos created to fill the gap left after 3 day Microblading Certifications.

  • Mapping
  • Numbing
  • Business
  • Custom Flow & Stroke Bootcamp
  • Crisp Strokes & Retention
  • Touchups (Annual Color Boosts & Perfection Sessions)
  • Ombre Brows/ Adding Shading
  • How to take and edit photos
  • Color Theory


I am NOT afraid to share all of my secrets! It is my goal to elevate this industry as a whole. By helping one another, we will all only get busier and BETTER!

Why Choose Browtricks?

  • Find out the secrets to numbing techniques that ACTUALLY work!
  • Discover a SIMPLER mapping system that saves time & provides a STAYING outline.
  • Enhance your artistry & earn more clients by learning how to create 100% custom brows that flow FLAWLESSLY with natural hair.
  • Gain Knowledge & Empower yourself as you watch each detailed, step by step video in the comfort of your own home.
  • Approach microblading with more credibility and confidence.

*** This is a continuing education course ONLY.  This does not include any type of certification.


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