MapME Pre-Inked String

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Map Me Pre-Inked Mapping String

Pre-ink strings to help you achieve the best results with your brow mapping.

Colors:  Black or White Weight 1 oz

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Map Me Pre-Ink String

These pre-ink strings are guaranteed to help you achieve the best results with your brow mapping, allowing for crisp and symmetrical lines. We are excited to offer two shades of ink, both black and white.

For best results: Simply pull the pre-ink string out of the box, hold tight and slide the string across the skin to create a crisp mapping line. Dispose of after use.

Weight 1 Oz




Additional information

Weight 1 oz

White 1 box, White 4 pack, Black 1 box, Black box 4 pack

3 reviews for MapME Pre-Inked String

  1. Nary chea (verified owner)

    THis product made my mapping process much easier. Fantastic quality product and great customer Service .

  2. Jazlyn Cisneros (verified owner)

    This product was amazing made everything easier

  3. Theresa Butler (verified owner)

    It is actually different then the black. (then from the obvious color difference) Some how the ink on it applies better on the skin! I don’t even have to do that slight nudge black and forth. Which in my option can make the line marked thicker in certain areas resulting in asymmetrical thickness. I also think its easier on the clients eyes. Pops on tan to darker skinned people. It’s also great when you are trying to wipe away. Doesn’t leave that dark residue like the black ink does. It’s almost (wet / flaky ink) Easy to apply with one touch and easy to wipe off. 🙂 I don’t feel like I have to wipe away all my lines before showing my clients when we are in a bit of a hurry. It doesn’t confuse the clients. Bought one box at first to try out and now I am buying the 4 pack. I think this will become my new can’t live without product!!

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