Manual RemoveME Course

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Quick & Thorough- Be ready for models in ~ 1.5 hrs!

  • No Machine Needed- ALL Hand tools!
  • Theory & Practice work included
  • Full Brow RemoveME Session Model
  • Spot Removal Model

+ BONUS: Emergency Removal Tutorial


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*** Please check with your local laws and regulations to see if performing Pigment Lightening is legal in your state. Also check with your insurance and local laws to make sure this course will qualify you to perform these procedures and be insurable. Some states do not allow this service regardless of course. And some states require hands on training. Make sure to never leave RemoveME on the skin between passes for more than 10 minutes total during a procedure.

2 reviews for Manual RemoveME Course

  1. marie buchanan (verified owner)

    This was a pretty good course for basic examples of how to do saline removal. LOVED that it was free with code, but would have been disappointed if I had paid over $40 for it as I didn’t feel it had as professional of a “flow” or breakdown & explanations as other courses I have paid for. It was great that she showed partial spot removal, a full removal, and emergency removal. The Aftercare instructions page does not show up and just says “download coming today” , but you can find the aftercare download in the facebook group. It did touch on color correction, which is nice because going into this class I was just thinking about complete removal, not removing to color correct. There could have been a bit more explanation about why color correcting plays into removal before that video starts as I was initially confused why color theory was being talked about in a removal course. I did have a lot of questions while watching, but was able to head over to the facebook group to post them and get some answers. After watching I am still trying to find what epi-free numbing cream to use after the skin has been broken because it doesn’t look like anything offered in the shop is QUICK acting and epi-free. What I currently have for microblading is either epi free but takes 20 minutes to work (so wont work for those 2-3 minutes quick numbs between passes) or is a secondary with epi. There also is not a link to consent form examples or one to print as use as stated in the facebook post about this course. Would be great to include one and an easier to print out aftercare card so purchasers of the course don’t have to spend tons of time creating their own. Overall for cheap or free it is a great basic course to show you how to do manual removal.

    • Admin

      Hi Marie! Thanks so much for the feedback!!
      We did launch this a little prematurely, we now have the after-care up but we are still working with our lawyers to include consent forms with the course.
      To answer your question on the color theory, when we do removals we are always left with crazy color brows. So I was trying to makes sure you knew what to do AFTER the removals as well!
      Additionally, by seeing what color the brows turn during removal, you can tell WHICH type of pigment was used. This is important because it will help you set client expectations for your clients on how many more sessions it will take! At the end of the video I said that after one session, you can have a lot better idea for expectations by how it is lifting.

      Also, within 30 days we will be launching an EPI free numbing! Once it is here I will add it to the course 😀
      I use SYA now (I show it in the tray setup video) but another good one is Liquidcane.

      If there is anything else other than consent forms you think we should add it we would love your input! We are always adding to our courses and striving to make them better and more valuable.

      Lastly- we launched our VIP membership and it basically makes all of our courses INSANELY cheap!! So definitely don’t pay full price for any of our courses! Click COURSES on the bottom of a mobile device to sign up. http://www.browtricksproducts/courses-shop/

  2. Helen Gee (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with the way this course is explained. It doesn’t drag on for hours and is very easy to understand. I had a situation recently when I needed to be able to do a quick spot removal. I know have the Remove Me product ready should I need it again. I’ve made a note of what to do as fortunately it usually doesn’t happen. For me it’s like insurance, you don’t need it till you need it!

    Thanks for this great content at a very affordable price.

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