KeepMeNumb Secondary Numbing

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KeepMeNumb secondary numbing gel

1.5 oz



A secondary numbing gel that is applied after the skin is broken in between stroke application. Keep Me Numb is intended to keep your client numb throughout any PMU dermal procedure. Remember, a painless experience for your clients, results in referrals for you. 

This product s eye safe and can be used around eyes for PMU eyeliner application.  

For Best Results: apply a thin layer of Keep Me Numb to blotted skin and occlude for 1-5 mins depending on client’s pain sensitivity. Wipe and continue with your procedure. 

Active Ingredients: Lidocaine HCI 40MG, Prilocaine 40 MG, Epinephrine HCI 0.4MG

Inactive Ingrdients: Chlorobutanol, Methylcellulose, Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium EDTA, Water

Please ensure to check with your country/state guidelines whether this product and its ingredients are legal in your region. 

Weight 1.5 Oz

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Weight 1.5 oz

4 reviews for KeepMeNumb Secondary Numbing

  1. Silvia Echeverria

    Omg! Buy it.. seriously, client did not feel a thing!!! I had in my cabinet but never got around to using it.. until yesterday evening! WOW

  2. Cindy Muhic

    Love it! My clients stay very comfortable through the entire procedure. No pain!

  3. Annie Kim

    I had been using Tag 45 but thought I’d give this a try. My clients are very comfortable with this, too.

  4. JaVonna

    I had 3 separate clients I used it on and followed the directions thorough, it did NOT keep them numb and I am not happy! Looks like I’ll be switching back to what I have used previously

    • Admin

      Hi JaVonna! We would be happy to give you store credit for your purchase. I have already applied the $17 credit to your account. Our KeepMENumb usually works wonderfully when used in conjunction with one of our primary numbing agents! But I’ll openly admit it is not the strongest on the market. Reapplying secondaries after every pass can become dangerous with too strong of a numbing agent. One of the best I know of, Ultraduration, you are only supposed to apply one time on open skin because of how strong it is. It becomes an allergic reaction risk. 🙁
      For liability reasons, we have formulated this to be as STRONG as “needed”, but not “the strongest”. We usually have reviews that it perfectly does the trick to “keep you numb”. 🙂
      Thanks for trying our products and we hope you enjoyed the rest of the products in your starter pack!
      – Carissa

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