Crystal Clear Ink Ring Cup (2 pcs)

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Simple yet effective. Each order comes with 2 cups. These Ring cups hold your ink rings during your PMU procedure to reduce the chances of wasted/spilled products.

3 reviews for Crystal Clear Ink Ring Cup (2 pcs)

  1. Jessie (verified owner)

    These little cups are super useful for standing up full pigment rings, to prevent them from spilling when you need to switch to another ring. Useful for lash extensions rings containing adhesive, or pigment rings containing pigment. If you need to switch to another pigment cup with another color during a PMU service, or you need to change gloves and don’t want to spill you pigment or glue in the ring, just set the ring down inside the cup while you change gloves.

  2. Melinda Wheeler (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these. A game changer when you need to sit your ink ring down. A must have!

  3. sarah.e.hutt (verified owner)

    Love these glass cups to hold pigment ring upright. Definitely a must have!!!!!

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