Practice Skin/Latex

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Double sided inkless practice skin
Used to practice different flow patterns



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Clear Practice Skin:

Place on top off any sheet to instantly trace patterns, or even practice brows onto any picture of real brows.


Double Sided Ink-less Latex:

BrowTricks is excited to present a spin on the double sided inkless practice latex. Unlike other practice latex, here at BrowTricks, we understand that no two brows are the same which we represent on our latex. 

One side features brow outlines of different shapes and sizes, while the other side also includes hair strokes that mimic actual hair patterns to allow for a more realistic practice to increase your skills. 

This latex was specially designed for two purposes:

To allow for more practice per sheet, our practice latex have approximately 3.5 times the amount of brows as a normal practice latex. 

To provide a better practice experience. No two brows are the same, the different brow patterns and hair strokes allow for an artist to practice different patterns for the different brows that may be encountered during your microblading career. 

Tutorial video coming soon.

10 reviews for Practice Skin/Latex

  1. Jenna M

    I love that this latex is double sided, but more so, I love that there are brows of different shapes and sizes (even hair flow). It really helps to elevate your practice and doesn’t get you in a rut in your work practice. Just like real life, not all brows are the same so I really appreciate this practice sheet!
    I would love to see one that wasn’t inkless for pmu machine practice!

  2. Jess (verified owner)

    These are awesome! I love everything about them, the white outlines and different shapes make practicing a dream. Personally I haven’t used the back side because I find the white hair simulation interferes with my strokes and it can be hard to tell what’s what but still a great tool to practice flow! Will definitely be purchasing again 🙂

  3. Lydia H. (verified owner)

    I love this double sided latex pad. One side is perfect to practice stroke patters and machine work. The other helps you create balance for realistic, scarce haired brows you may encounter. Super easy to use and holds the ink beautifully.

  4. Missy G

    These are three best latex sheets I’ve practiced on so far.

  5. May (verified owner)

    This has been a life saver for me
    Practice and more practice. Love that there are brow strokes on the other side
    This item For me is a reorder item
    If you are considering it just order you won’t be dissapointed

  6. Berenisse (verified owner)

    This has honestly been the best latex I have used. I like that I can ply with different hair strokes with the pre printed patterns or I can start from scratch on the other side. Also they are easy to clean and don’t disappear as easily as other latex I have tried! Thank you!!!!!

  7. Sandy Bauer (verified owner)

    I love the quality of these practice latex skin. They are easy to clean off. I love that they are double sided; extra to practice on. I would love it if both sides were blank brows.

  8. Jessie Ellwood (verified owner)

    I have purchased this latex several times. Having one side with different brows allows you to create a custom stroke pattern that matches the flow of the hairs on the latex, which is also how I apply on clients. I haven’t seen any other company offering this type of practice latex.

  9. Theresa Butler (verified owner)

    These latex sheets are what got me through my amateur days and COVID times. Practice makes PERFECT. Love the different shapes and the drawn hair strokes on each brow pattern so you can practice different peoples’ hair flow and bareness.

  10. kellylt (verified owner)

    I previously ordered this for more practice after passing my microblading course, I still didn’t feel comfortable preforming microblading so I used this latex to practice some more.
    Worth the money. Helps create patterns.

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