China Marker Sharpener

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4 in 1 China Marker Sharpener

Perfect Sharpener for MarkME Pencils



4 reviews for China Marker Sharpener

  1. Jessie (verified owner)

    This is an excellent tool for not only beginners, but also for experienced artists who are busy with client services. Instead of sharpening the traditional way by supporting the tip of the pencil with your finger while you slide the razorblades, this tool provides a guide for effortless sharpening. It also reduces the likelihood that you will cut your finger (since there’s plastic protecting you), or break off the tip since you are not pushing on the tip with this tool.

  2. ctroutt95 (verified owner)

    Makes for a perfectly sharp pencil every time

  3. ctroutt95 (verified owner)

    Great quality pencils

  4. jessica (verified owner)

    This is great for a quick sharpen, or new artist first learning how to sharpen pencils.

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