BladeME Microblading Blades

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BladeME Microblading Blades

U Blades or Slant Blades

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NANO:  Our thinnest blade.  If you want the lightest, most natural and airy strokes, this is the blade for you!  **Utilize the 14U option for short, curvy stroke patterns.

ULTRA CRISP:  The perfect size blade to provide Ultra Thin microbladed strokes, while providing thorough stroke saturation.

MAX PIGMENT:  This blade gives Maximum pigment saturation to each stroke.  If you have a difficult time seeing your strokes after 1st pass, this blade is a game changer!


Blade Thickness: .16mm, .17mm, .18mm, .25mm

Each blade is individually packages and sterilized with lot # and expiration

11 reviews for BladeME Microblading Blades

  1. dawn barlow

    I love how fine and sharp these blades are, I wouldn’t use anything else

  2. Jessie Ellwood (verified owner)

    I bought the .16mm 18U blades. They’re sharp and create crisp strokes. They are individually sealed with lot number and expiration number for client records.

  3. vanessapagan (verified owner)

    Bought my first set of brow tricks blades back in April 2021 and now November and I am in love!!! They are so affordable compared to many other brands and are amazing quality and very petite (Nano version) and perfect for crisp clean lines.

    I am also in a microblading group and so many ladies recommended these u blades and they did not disappoint. Will be ordering these forever. Thanks Brow Tricks!

  4. tunyloy (verified owner)

    Very good quality u blade, comparable to more pricey ones, and good price

  5. Maritza Gutierrez

    I absolutely love these blades! They’re the only ones I use. Making flowy hair stroke patterns is so easy with the .18 18 u-blade!!

  6. ctroutt95 (verified owner)

    My go to for microblading

  7. ctroutt95 (verified owner)

    Great blades

  8. Admin (verified owner)

    So easy to use when a beginner. Helps you glide the blade. Super sharp making it effortless. The slant makes its fool proof to question how to hold it at what angle. And you know your using it in the right direction!

  9. ctroutt95 (verified owner)

    Very sharp. I love these blades

  10. jessica (verified owner)

    These blades are amazing!! The consistency of the quality time over time is there without doubt. My healed results have been even better after making the switch to these!

  11. vogamanager (verified owner)

    I used one of the max pigment blades I received in a sample pack- the implantation and retention on my client was amazing! I just ordered a full pack of them! Highly recommend!

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